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  • Dentyne Gum, 80 Count (Pack of 4)


    Dentyne Pure Sugar-Free Gum is the only gum clinically shown to neutralize bad breath instead of cover it up.
    A unique mix of flavors, antioxidants, and an activating enzyme helps to deliciously purify breath.
    Dentyne Pure Gum swirls the flavors of mint and herbal accents for a mouthwatering chewing experience.

  • Dentyne Ice Gum, Arctic Chill, 180-Count, 9.52 oz

    2 pouches of 180 pieces of Dentyne Ice Sugar Free Gum, Arctic Chil
    35% Fewer Calories than Sugared Gum
    Go big and bold with intensely fresh, icy flavor

  • Dentyne Ice Sugar-Free Gum (Peppermint, 16 Piece, Pack of 9)


    Practice safe breath and get intense freshness with Dentyne Ice Sugar-Free Gum.
    Dentyne Ice has a bold, icy flavor that keeps breath fresh for up to 40 minutes after you’re finished chewing.
    Stay on top of your game with the classic, timeless taste of Peppermint Dentyne Ice.